Sri Lanka – My Home

Yes I know. I said I would post and that I would be more active but who knew college would be this hard. This is a post I was supposed to post 4 months ago, but i’m only posting it now because we’re on christmas holiday.

So as you know now the country that I visited, which also happens to be my home country, is Sri Lanka. I went there in the summer, after 6 years. Although the reason to returning was not so great as it was due to my beloved grandad passing away, I must say that it was an amazing opportunity to meet my family and friends and spend time with them again.

So some people may not know where Sri Lanka is. It is the small island below India. It is a beautiful tropical island where it’s sunny all year round. (except in december when its rainy season, which unfortunately I did not get to experience as I went in the summer and it was extremely hot)

I love the rain, and by rain I don’t mean those drizzles ohhhhh noooo… This is the type of rain that floods your house and roads, although it isn’t the best type of weather for adults, if you were a kid like me growing up there would be amazing because you have your own little lake to make paper boats and sail them in.

I had a pretty simple childhood which I am very thankful for.I lived in the coastal area so we would go to the beach a lot and play in the sand and stuff.  I didn’t grow up with technology around me. I was one of those kids who grew up in their imagination. I didn’t have any electronic gadgets and was a very active sportive person. I mean my favourite thing was to climb big trees for god’s sake and when you have 4 older cousin brothers it does not help you grow up girly, soooo I’m pretty much a tomboy.

Okay I really don’t why I am telling you all of this you probably don’t care anyway. So these are some pictures I took while I was travelling there, it takes 7 hours to drive from the airport to my city so I kept making the driver stop in the middle to take pictures. I have so much more but obviously I don’t want to post all of them as no one would want to look at all of them.

Sorry again for the really long intro for those of you who actually read it. I will try my best to post more often but apparently it’s kind of hard when you stupidly chose to do all three science and photography for your A levels.