Fruit Farm.

We went to a fruit farm today and handpicked our own fruits.

Although the season is nearly over we managed to pick out some good ones.

Here are some of the photographs I took while we were there.







A walk in the park.

Exams can be quite stressful. I had my RE GCSE last week and I found myself stressing about the exam on the day before my exam. So I took a little break from revision because I thought I deserved a little break. So I went to the little park near my house and because I find that photography relaxes me I decided to take some pictures. These are some of them. DSC_0052



P.S. If you find your self stressing about something then take a break and do something fun to keep yourself calm because I found out that day that taking that break really helped me.

“A journey of a thousand miles…begins with a single step”

I was planning to write an essay about this new blog and say a little bit about myself, but I couldn’t write much as there is not a lot I can say about myself.

So just for the sake of “First Post” I would like to say that I am fifteen years old now and I decided to start this blog because I always wanted to have a blog and every time I made one I didn’t like it so I ended up deleting a lot of the blogs I started. But I have told myself that I’m not going to delete this blog. Some of my interests are photography, travelling and adventures.

By adventures I mean learning interesting things, travelling the world, meeting new people etc. I only said etc because I can’t think of anything else right now.

However one thing I can say is that most of my posts will be photography and experience and stuff. So instead of making this into an even longer introduction i’m just going to stop here.

I know that I haven’t said a lot about myself but that’s because I’d like to keep this blog anonymous, but hopefully you’ll know more about me as you read this blog. The First of Many...“The First of Many”